My responce to Brian Wampler


I've received many emails asking me about Brian Wampler's comments about me.

Brian said some not favorable stuff about me on his pod cast and then again on the Reverb channel in response to my review of the JHS @ pedal. He pointed out that after watching the video he thinks I should have spent three minutes to do some research about printed circuit boards. For those of you who may not have seen the video my quote was " There is nothing wrong with printed circuit boards, handmade usually implies more expensive.  Which is only confusing because his statement is i said they are not as good. Which is inaccurate. 

He also talked about me not understanding other costs.  Only interesting because I stated I do not think people should get caught up in that.  But, here we go. first lets say a company makes a pedal in their garage and only makes a few hundred of them using only  the finest parts. As they grow so does their facility and their need to stream line and make some changes. Im all good with this. However, that is not how the boutique pedal industry has marketed itself.   It was built the same way the food industry built the organic market. 

Better parts, better built, and better R&D.

Everyone understands economy of scale. You make 50,000 pedals and Boss makes 500,000 pedals so they can make them for less.  If it is double the price because it just cost more to make it. Then is it kind of like saying value is in the mass produced cheap pedals and handmade small run pedals. 

I may not be right, but neither are they

I review everything with a honest perspective. It is not fact or law it is just what I think based on the money I spent.  I've had a dozen companies tell me they do not like my review of their products, but none of them have ever reached out and offered to fix the issue or teach me why I was wrong. I  built a channel on being open minded and given that I do not take money from companies they do not have to feel I have another companies agenda in play. I built this environment so we can have open discussion about what we love.  I wish them all the best and will continue to buy pedals from companies that make good products. 

The video review