The five categories of tools

I like to put tools into a couple easy categories.

1. Diagnostic 

2. Maintenance

3. Adjustment

4. Repair

5. Building or construction




Measures fret height 

Readout is in inches, millimeters, or fractions

Handy for measuring nuts, saddles, tuners, and guitar strings 

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Fret Rocker


I wish I could tell you how many times I watched someone chase a problem because they did not have a fret rocker to find the fret that was causing the problem. 

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Understring Radius Gauges


Figuring out what radius your fretboard is and what the bridge is radiused to is a big help in finding out what is wrong or what is right with your guitar. 

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Inspection Mirror


This is a must have if you have an acoustic, but I find myself using this everyday to check things out that are just out of view. 

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String Action Gauge


Cut once and measure twice is a saying for many reasons. I do not adjust anything with out measuring it first. 

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Digital Muiltimeter


You may have seen my video on how to test pick ups. Not only is this great for that, but it is a must have for trouble shooting electronics on guitars, pedals, and amps

You can click the picture to watch the video

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Feeler Gauges


This is one I use a lot, but If you have the ruler and caliper you can get by with out this. These really help with set ups and cut nuts for the guitar. 

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Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester


Man, this tool is so easy but it is a great tool for figuring out the polarity of your pick ups in seconds. 

Click the picture to watch my video. 

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Guitar tuner (Snark)


Well I hope this one is self explanatory. 

I like strobe tuners better, but this works great and it is cheap.  

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Peterson Strobe Tuner


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

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Micro Fiber Polish Cloth


I have used many types of cloths. 

flannel, cotton, treated, untreated. and I just like Micro fiber.  I find they are easy to use and require very little to no polish, oil, or any type of sprays. 

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Having a can of this around will save you money and time many many times over. Everything from scratchy pots to dirty switches. Good on guitar electronics, pedals, and amps. 

Click the picture to see a video on some great uses!

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Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener


This little tool will tighten your out put . jack fast and easy without having to rake anything apart. I would get in the habit of tightening the output-jack on regular basis to prevent damaged wires 

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ESP Wrench


This little guy is my daily use tool for sure. tighten tuning keys nuts under the knob, output jacks you name it. fast and easy.  

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Fretboard conditioner


I have thought long and hard about what conditioner to recommend. I have pretty much every single one on the market. But I like Jim Dunlop 6554 Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil, 4 oz. the most. I like that it has the applicator built in so you do not have to use a polish cloth. I like the way the fretboard looks. My second favorite is anyone that is a spray bottle so you can mist it on the cloth to get a light coat. I use fretboard conditioner very sparingly. 

I am not sponsored by Dunlop.  I just wish I was.

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Guitar Polish


I do not have a preference of polish. Every company says theirs is the best it feels like they are all the same. Lizard spit is one of the few I think is different, but it is great with micro fiber cloths and a mess with anything else. So I suggest Dunlop. Its good and its cheap. 

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0000 Steal Wool


I am not a huge fan of Gorgomyte, I use painters tape or better yet fret guards and 000 or 0000 steel wool to polish frets. You have to cover your pick ups, but it is cheap and does a fantastic job. 

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Fret Guards


I have used many fret-guards and I like that Music Nomad put handles on them. It makes it fast and easy. A must have. 

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Adjustments Tools

Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches


A striped truss rod can cost a small fortune to fix or replace. Most allen wrenches are cheap junk.  These tapered wrenches from Stew Mac have been a go to tool for me for years. 

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Neck Relief Gauge


This is not a must have. I worked on guitars for many years without this, but it sure does make things easy and get rid of a lot of guess work 

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Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set


I like this because it is super small and has most of the adjustment tool sizes i need. It is pricey, but if you need something small that has it all. This is worth checking out. 

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