A Fond Farewell To Jim Dunlop Sr.


On February 6 Jim Dunlop Sr. the founder of Dunlop Manufacturing passed away at the age of 82. In this edition of The History Of Gear we will take a glimpse into the history of Mr. Dunlop and the brand he created.

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The Record Industry: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow Part 1


In this three part series we take an in depth look at the fascinating history of the music industry. Click the box below to check it out!

Celestion - The Very Soul Of Music


This week we take a look at the history and utter domination of Celestion Speakers.

Amps: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow


In this edition of The History Of Gear we take a look at the origin of amps, the state of amps today, and what we think amps might look like in the future. It was a very painful article for me to write. To find out why click the box below and check it out!

The X Factor


This article takes a look at Phil X and his rise to fame. Follow Phil’s journey from humble beginnings, to becoming the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi. Phil’s story is as fascinating as he is.

Who Are Mr. Hughes and Mr. Kettner?


This week we take a look at Hughes and Kettner amps and their glowing reputation.  Also be sure to check out Phil’s 5 Things You Don’t Know About Hughes and Kettner video on YouTube. 

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice


This article takes an in depth look at Alice Cooper. Many of us have an image of who he is. However, truth is often much stranger than fiction. 

Are You In The Zone?


This is a companion piece to the video Phil did on the Boss Metal Zone.

Iconic Guitars Part 2


Another look at some of histories most iconic guitars. Plus, this time we added a few iconic bass guitars for our bass fans.

Gettin Satisfaction


This article is about the gear Keith Richards used to achieve the amazing tone on the opening riff of The Rolling Stones song, Satisfaction.

Some Of Histories Most Iconic Guitars


This is our first look at 6 of music histories most iconic guitars.

The Gibson Flying V


This article takes a look at the history of one of my favorite guitar designs of all time, The Gibson Flying V.

History Repeats ( 1982 Squier JV Series )


This article takes a look at the first Squier guitars ever produced. They were released at a time when the Fender Corporation was in big financial trouble. Much like Gibson is today.

The Marshall 1959 Super Lead


Check out the history of one of the most iconic, and coveted amps of all time.

The History Of Gear


This is the article that started it all. We take a look at the very first mass produced guitar pedal to be released. Click below to find out which pedal was the first.

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