Cheddar Kung Pao


Cheddar Kung Pao has a fantastic YouTube channel that focuses on gear talk, gear reviews, live interviews with other YouTubers, and he even throws in some comical commentary. His channel has over 750 subscribers and is growing fast.

Brian Stewart - Old Guitar Dude


Brian Stewart’s YouTube channel, called Old Guitar Dude, offers lively, and entertaining gear talk and reviews. If you’re a gear fanatic, and like having fun, this is the channel for you.

Mike Shye - Strong Tower Studio


Mike Shye is a cover artist. He has only posted one video on YouTube so far, but stay tuned because there is much more to come soon. Mike likes to put his own twist on the songs he covers. This holiday season he will be posting several rock covers of your favorite Christmas songs. 

Matt Harrison Guitar


I just recently had the pleasure of checking out Matt’s YouTube channel. He is a phenomenal guitarist. Matt’s channel is relativity new and so far he has posted some amazing videos covering iconic guitar solos. Matt is in the process of expanding his channel to include gear reviews, and instructional videos on guitar. The future of this channel is looking bright, and is definitely worth checking out.

Cesar All Guitar


Cesar All Guitar is a well established YouTube channel with over 12,500 subscribers. Not only that, but Cesar is a smoking hot guitarist. On his channe you’ll find guitar lessons, instrumental covers, instructional videos on repairs and set-ups, and tons more. Plus you’ll be treated to some real eye candy when you see Cesar’s beautiful collection of guitars.

Jarc Gregorin Trio


The Jarc Gregorin Trio are a band who have invented their own style of music they call Prog Blues. Their sound is both unique and infectious. Each of the three members are fantastic musicians. They have a full album on their YouTube channel for you to enjoy. They also have a Facebook page and a website available for you to check out. 

Click Below to check out their YouTube Channel 

Facebook Page




Pyriscent is a group of talented musicians who write and perform original music. Their style is difficult to quantify, in a good way. They play alternative rock that reminds me of bands such as Porcupine Tree. I especially enjoy the lyrics. They are very introspective and tell stories of life experiences. You can check them out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 



Activate - Harrison Karlin


Activate is an instrumental project by guitarist Harrison Karlin. He is a fantastic guitarist and his music is very polished and well produced. He has also released his first music video which was also very professionally made. He has a YouTube channel and has also released several songs on Bandcamp. Be sure to  them out. You wont be disappointed.


Spencer Acoustic Guitars


Randy Spencer, founder of Spencer Acoustics, builds some of the most beautiful handcrafted acoustic guitars I've ever seen. What's better, is that they sound as good as they look. He also offers guitar building classes where you can build your very own acoustic guitar. Click the link below to go directly to the Spencer Acoustic website.

For more information on guitar building instructions go to:

Les July - SoundBetter


Les July is a multi instrumentalist, producer, and creator of the SoundBetter website, where you can access Les July’s services. If that wasn’t cool enough, Les also provides a huge list of producers and session musicians. The list includes anything from guitarists, to bagpipe players. This is a fantastic site with tons of accomplished musicians ready, willing, and able to help you make your dream project a reality.

The Guitar Pit


  If you’re looking for more paid infomercials, you’re stringing up the wrong guitar. The Guitar Pit is a YouTube channel that offers honest, independent gear reviews. The videos are professionally presented, in depth reviews of the gear we all love. If you’re looking for another great channel you can trust, check out The Guitar Pit.



Lando27Music is a gear channel with a twist. A twist of lime? No, side twisting laughter! Landon offers a wide variety of gear related YouTube videos such as, reviews of guitars, amps, and home recording equipment. He also performs original songs, shows how to mod guitars, and my personal favorite, he does hilarious videos such as the recent video called, The Jellyfish. His videos are also extremely polished and professionally made.



Airlift is a rock band residing and performing in New York City. They are a mish mash of the 80s and 90s with a little punk rock attitude thrown in the mix for good measure. Their agenda, is to dismantle the current indie rock scene. Which is inundated with fluffy, mellow, pop rock. I say, “More power to ya. Let’s rock this joint!” To hear their music and check upcoming show dates, please visit their website, and Facebook page.

Facebook link:

Guitar Hack


The Guitar Hack is a fantastic YouTube channel that offers great gear entertainment such as live streams with special guest YouTubers, Gear reviews and comparisons, videos of Guitar Hack playing live with his band, and finally lots of fun vids like, What I’m Not Getting For Christmas, and Halloween Treat- The Horror Of Trying To Rock Up YMCA!! 

So take some time to check out Guitar Hack. Just click the box below.