10 things you may not know

TC Pedal Tone Print


In 2017 Phil came up with the idea to make a tone print for the Quintessence Harmony pedal. His t one print allows you to use it like a whammy pedal.  

Guitar World Magazine


He has been featured on Guitar Worlds Website 19 times in 2016 and 2017.


Custom Warwick Bass


Warwick Basses in Germany built Phil a special 32 inch scale bass with the wood he picked out and some cool features just for him. Im sure as soon as he gets it their will be more bass videos. 

2016 Best Demo Video


In 2016 he won Gear Tubes Demo Of The Year which was voted on by fans. 

Know Your Gear Is Not A Channel


Ok, well that isn't true now, but Phil made the channel Phillip McKnight and Know Your Gear was something he said only at the end of the video. People started calling him the Know Your Gear guy, and calling the channel Know Your Gear. So he embraced it. 

Guitar Player Magazine


Phil has been featured on Guitar Player Magazine 24 times and was in the Who Will Save The Guitar Issue. 

Ultimate Guitar Tabs


Did you know the intro Phil wrote for the beginning of his videos is tabbed out on Ultimate Guitar Tab? neither did we until we were updating this page. 

Music Store and Bass Guitars


Phil owned a guitar store in Arizona for 12 years. It was one of the largest dealers for Fender, Fender Custom Shop, and PRS in the state and repaired over one hundred guitars a month.  Phil opened the store after starting a bass guitar company. After the store started getting to busy he put his focus on the store. After many years at the shop he started a You Tube channel and a consulting company. He decided to stop working the store in February 2017 

The Death Of The Electric Guitar


Phil was featured in the Washington Post Article The Death Of The Electric Guitar along with Paul Reed Smith, and the  Presidents of Gibson and Fender. In the Article he was featured for giving a counter point that there could be a new market the industry is not looking at. 

Guitar Aficionado


Phil has been featured on Guitar Aficionado, Musicians Unite, Sam Ash news letter, Music Zoo web page, countless You Tube Channels and Guitcon. 

Those shirts? Ya I have seen those.


There are currently thousands and thousands of Know Your Gear shirts in almost every major country.