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Phils Top 12 Picks From NAMM 2019


Check out Phils top 12 2019 NAMM picks which features brands like Marshall, Gibson, Danelectro, and Fender. Click the box below to learn more!

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A Fond Farewell To Jim Dunlop Sr.


On February 6 Jim Dunlop Sr. the founder of Dunlop Manufacturing passed away at the age of 82. In this edition of The History Of Gear we will take a glimpse into the history of Mr. Dunlop and the brand he created.

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Gear Trends


Hey guys and gals Gear Trends - Boutique Pedal Builders Part 2 is here! This fascinating interview series of articles was written by our very own Matt Blades! So click the box below and give it a read! You won’t be disappointed!

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Ladies Signature Guitars


A recent study indicates that 50% of all new guitarists are women. Gee I think someone predicted a rise in female guitarists. Oh yeah! It was Phil McKnight!

 Inspired by Phil’s videos, Anne, a member of the Know Your Gear community has compiled a comprehensive list of Ladies Signature Guitars with links to more info on each guitar. To check out this amazing list click the box below. To see the video where Phil talks about the growth of lady guitarists click this link: https://youtu.be/6CCzKlsUyAo

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Our Viewers Showing Their Passion


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The Know Your Gear Shop


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Tips, Tricks, And The Basics Of Guitar Repair


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Fun Facts About Guitars, Amps, And Pedals


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What Tools Does Phil Use For Guitar Repairs And Setups?


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Is Kiss Lip-Syncing? Sebastian Bach Says “Absolutely Not!”

Oh dear, another Kiss scandal. They have certainly had their share of negative press throughout the years. But lip-syncing? Well why not?! Do you know how old those guys are?! They probably don’t have enough breath to sing an entire song! 

Here‘s something else to consider. I’ve actually heard Kiss live and let me tell you a grand time was had by all! However, if one was to nitpick, well let’s just say there were quite a few off notes. Like way off. Since we are already pointing out flaws perhaps I should also mention the sloppy guitar work. Maybe they could lip-sync those too. Or hand-sync? 

Nonetheless the point is that perhaps a little pre-recorded help isn’t such a bad idea. 

Let me close with this: Seeing Kiss live is an experience you won’t soon forget. Even with the occasional off note. Ok, maybe they are frequently off key, but it’s still a great time.


The All New Gibson Memory Cable

The all new Gibson Memory Cable is pretty cool. What does it do you ask? Well it remembers stuff! More specifically it records while you play. 

How many times have you been practicing and pulled off an amazing riff or a killer lick! Only to discover later that you can’t even begin to remember how you played it. Well, with the Memory Cable you’ll never lose that ground breaking riff or lick again.

How does it work? I think it’s magic! Or it could just use a MicroSD card. It records up to 13 hours of playtime! Then through some strange transfer system you can load it onto your computer. It’s apparently some new fangled card reader thing us old guys aren’t familiar with yet.

Nonetheless this cable could come in pretty handy. Is Gibson actually getting its act together?! Who will we gossip about now? Oh don’t worry I’m sure another gear scandal is just around the corner. 

Now normally I’d refer you to the manufacturers website for more information. However, I keep getting an error message on Gibson’s site when I try to access the cable. Therefore, I’m referring you to Sweetwater for more info. And no! I have no affiliation with Sweetwater. It’s just where I happen to shop. So click the box below for more information.

A special thank you to Edward of the know your gear community for informing us about this cool cable.

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