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Gear Wars - The Tonewood War - Who Won?

It was a tie! I guess opinions on the tonewood debate are divided right down the middle. I still think Sawyer won! 

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Gear You Should Know

This time on Gear You Should Know we check out an amazing little travel guitar with huge tone from Journey Instruments. Plus for your listening pleasure there’s even an instrumental demonstrating the guitar. Check it out!

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The History Of Gear

A new article is coming soon! This time we take an in depth look at the the record industry. In this two part series we will discover the rich history, the current state of affairs, and what the future might hold for the mighty music business. 

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What Tools Do I use?

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The Know Your Gear Shop

Don’t miss out on the first ever Know Your Gear Christmas shirt! It will only be available for a limited time! Plus be sure to check out all the other shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers, and used gear available for you to purchase. Also, new to the store, lesson packs will be coming soon.

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“Gunter gleiben glauchen globen."

We all remember the strange gibberish at the beginning of Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages.” But what did it mean? Was it a call to Satan? A code phrase for cult members? The rumors were running rampant at the time and have endured throughout the years. Well, the truth has finally been revealed. So, was it Satan?! No. Def Leppard’s drummer Rick Allen explained that is was nothing more than a count in for the song. Apparently producer John “Mutt” Lang had grown tired of repeating “1,2,3,4,” so he made up the words as a joke to break up the monotony. The band then decided to leave it in the final mix for the album. So there you have it folks. The mystery is finally solved!

Kiesel debuts new Lee McKinney headless models

Kiesel announces a new signature guitar for Lee McKinnley, lead guitarist for Born of Osiris. The LM6X and LM7X are available with some Custom Shop options, but the standard features include a chambered swamp ash body with maple neck, 4A flamed maple top, stainless steel jumbo frets and Kiesel-designed Hipshot tremolo.

They come equipped with the new Lee McKinney Illusionist bridge pickup, Kiesel Lithium neck pickup, and acoustic bridge saddles. I guess that’s their version of a “pizza” pickup. It has separate volume controls for the humbuckers and and acoustic saddles but no tone control.


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Want to know about Phillip McKnight?

Here are 10 things you may not know about him. 

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