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Know Your Gear Left Handed Players Unite! Thank you Bob for the great Picture!


Want to learn to build a hand wired amp?

Live in Phoenix and Nashville?  


OCTOBER 26-27, 2019

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Intensive Workshop
Open to the public


(Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit,

https://nashville.mi.edu/amplifier-building-workshop/ MI Guitar Craft Academy NashvilleNovember 16th and 17th10:00 AM -6:00 PM2 DAY

Intensive Workshop
Open to the public


(Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit,



How to Buy A Used Gibson Les Paul?

This week we show you how to buy a used Gibson Les Paul. Everything from how to detect counterfeits to finding ones that have been repaired or been modified. Here is a FREE down loadable sheet that will help you with the inspection process 

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Episode 122 Is There A Reason I would Not Buy A Used Piece OF Gear?


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The Speaker Cab Myth (Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander)

Wiggins Brand is a husband and wife artist team based in Arizona, USA.  Dedicated to producing the most unique and beautiful all wood pickups, and one-of-a-kind fine art glass guitar knobs of unprecedented craftsmanship. They make each pickup and glass product by hand in their studio.

Pickup designs are original and  created with the aid of a CO2 laser to cut and engrave. Pick ups  are hand scatter-wound to create the tone you want. They use high quality Alnico magnets, 42 & 43 gauge enameled wire, and all pickups are lacquer dipped, wax potted and wrapped with heavy ribbon tape for coil protection. William has devoted his life to creative arts such as photography and fine art painting, and has had a career of woodworking and fabrication for professional frame shops for nearly 30 years. William's experience of woodworking, creative fabrication and a love for instrument building is the foundation of Wiggins Brand today.

Wiggins Brand custom, one-of-a-kind glass guitar control knobs are made individually by Renee, using traditional glass working (also referred to as flameworked or torchworked) methods. Renee is a lifelong artist with over 23 years experience as a professional glass artist, 

Journey Acoustics

Imagine you’re a long way from home this holiday season. Perhaps you’re in the military serving over seas, away at college, or backpacking across Europe. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always difficult to be separated from our friends and family. 

Journey instruments has developed a line of ingeniously designed travel guitars. Whether on a plane heading to your next deployment, in a park with your study group, or wherever life leads, you can now bring a part of home with you.

As musicians our guitars are very important to us. With this in mind, Journey Instruments set out to offer the highest quality travel guitars possible, while remaining affordable. Their goal was to create a guitar that offered everything including, the convenience of a patented collapsible neck, quality woods and materials, a rugged backpack for your guitar and accessories, and most importantly, outstanding playability and tone.

Having the opportunity to play a Journey guitar myself, I can tell you first hand that the look, feel, tone, and playability, are as good or better than any other acoustic I’ve played. In fact the first time I played the guitar I was blown away. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It’s loud enough to be played with other instruments in front of several people, while offering wonderful tones and bass response. It’s a small but mighty guitar I’d be happy to play and record with whether I’m traveling or not.

As the result of an accident I was in years ago I am disabled. I bring this up for no other reason than to express my appreciation for how easy this guitar is to travel with. Every year my family sings carols at Christmas, and every year I have to lug around my old full size acoustic that plays like crap, and sounds like crap. This year however, traveling to my daughters house will be much easier for me, and our caroling will sound significantly better with the Journey guitar.