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Coming Soon: Brand New Website!


We are very excited to announce that we are currently building an all new website! The new site will have all of your favorite features plus many new discoveries as well. The official release date will be announced soon. 

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Gear Trends


Check out the latest edition of Gear Trends here! Matt Blades speaks with Dutch guitar builder Hans Geerdink about the role of guitar builders, the online community and how playing the guitar is still as cool as ever. 

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A Fond Farewell To Jim Dunlop Sr.


On February 6 Jim Dunlop Sr. the founder of Dunlop Manufacturing passed away at the age of 82. In this edition of The History Of Gear we will take a glimpse into the history of Mr. Dunlop and the brand he created.

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Ladies Signature Guitars


A recent study indicates that 50% of all new guitarists are women. Gee I think someone predicted a rise in female guitarists. Oh yeah! It was Phil McKnight!

 Inspired by Phil’s videos, Anne, a member of the Know Your Gear community has compiled a comprehensive list of Ladies Signature Guitars with links to more info on each guitar. To check out this amazing list click the box below. To see the video where Phil talks about the growth of lady guitarists click this link: https://youtu.be/6CCzKlsUyAo

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Our Viewers Showing Their Passion


Want to be featured on the website? Send a  picture of you and your KYG shirt. 

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The Know Your Gear Shop


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Tips, Tricks, And The Basics Of Guitar Repair


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Fun Facts About Guitars, Amps, And Pedals


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What Tools Does Phil Use For Guitar Repairs And Setups?


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No smoking pot at Who concerts?

Roger Daltrey asks Who fans to please  smoke marijuana outside, not inside, during Who concerts. Um......Ok. How long has he been a rock star? I mean he played at Woodstock! You’d think he would know what to expect by now.

Now Daltrey claims the smoke is causing him allergy issues and affecting the quality of his voice. Um.....Ok. Could it be that you’re 75 years old?! 

They say you‘re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll. Is Daltrey proving that statement to be false? Well who am I to judge.

Personally, I’m not friend of Mary Jane. However, I am a fan of live concerts and I must admit there’s  something comforting about the wafts of that distinctive aroma that just seems to complete the experience.

To toke or not to toke, that is the question.


The Speaker Cab Myth (Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander)

Boss enters the interface market with the WAZA Tube Amp Expander. Other than the interface it also offers an FX Loop, Attenuator, Onboard Cab Sims, ability to use your own cab sims. 10 Onboard Effects, Midi Capability, and 100 Watts of A/B Power. 

Whew! Thats a ton of features! All designed to make your life easier by saving you hours of miking up your amps and plugging them into the interface you already have. Uh huh. I don’t think so.

So here’s the real question. “Does it really take hours to mic an amp?” No!! That’s an absolutely absurd myth that I’ve been hearing thrown around a lot lately. In my experience miking amp is easy and takes very little time. I mean it’s generally only a 12” speaker! There are only so many spots to place the mic. 

So now for the real question. “Is the Boss expander really necessary?” Well, for me, no. I personally believe in using the genuine article. Real cabs sound better! And yes, I live in an apartment. I have no issues getting a good recording volume without driving my neighbors crazy.

So whats right for you then? Only you can answer that question. To me digital processors sound, well digital.

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