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Coming Soon: Brand New Website!


We are very excited to announce that we are currently building an all new website! The new site will have all of your favorite features plus many new discoveries as well. The official release date will be announced soon. 

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Gear Trends


The latest edition of Gear Trends is here! This week, Matt Blades talks with Ilja from tech-wizards Gamechanger Audio. Read on to hear about new innovations, the future of pedals, and even a 15% off discount code!

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A Fond Farewell To Jim Dunlop Sr.


On February 6 Jim Dunlop Sr. the founder of Dunlop Manufacturing passed away at the age of 82. In this edition of The History Of Gear we will take a glimpse into the history of Mr. Dunlop and the brand he created.

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Ladies Signature Guitars


A recent study indicates that 50% of all new guitarists are women. Gee I think someone predicted a rise in female guitarists. Oh yeah! It was Phil McKnight!

 Inspired by Phil’s videos, Anne, a member of the Know Your Gear community has compiled a comprehensive list of Ladies Signature Guitars with links to more info on each guitar. To check out this amazing list click the box below. To see the video where Phil talks about the growth of lady guitarists click this link: https://youtu.be/6CCzKlsUyAo

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Our Viewers Showing Their Passion


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Tips, Tricks, And The Basics Of Guitar Repair


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Fun Facts About Guitars, Amps, And Pedals


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What Tools Does Phil Use For Guitar Repairs And Setups?


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Motley Crue Covers Madonnas “Like A Virgin”

This world is filled with endless debaucheries. I’m quite certain that the members of Motley Crue are virgins to none of them! However, the band has decided to falsely tout themselves as such by covering Madonnas’ Like A Virgin on the soundtrack of their upcoming biopic called "The Dirt."

Yep that’s right! It’s a biographical movie about the band. With real actors and everything! So, 90 minutes of watching folks pretend to be drunk and high. Sounds like fun!

You don’t have long to wait to find out more as “The Dirt” is set to be released on March 19, 2019.


TC Electronic’s all new BAM200

Here’s one for bass players. TC Electronic now offers an affordable 200 watt bass amp that fits in your Scooby Doo lunch box. 

I know, I know. A Scooby lunch box isn’t as cool as one with Spiderman on it. I happen to like Scooby better. At least I didn’t say My Little Pony! That’s for all the Bronies out there. You know, Bros who like My Little Ponies. Yes, it’s a thing.

Wait! Weren’t we talking bass amps! The BAM200 is a class D amp that features Gain, a 3-band EQ, Master Volume, Headphone Jack, and an XLR DI output. All for around a hundred and fifty bucks! Ive not heard one in person yet, but in the video demos it sounds pretty sweet!

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